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  • Job security specialist

  • Occupational Physician

  • Other Health Personnel

  • Risk analysis

  • Contingency Plan

  • Basic Occupational Safety Training and Other Trainings

  • Periodic Checks

  • Ambient Measurements

  • Aircraft Control of Work Areas

Technical Measurement and Control Services

Pressure vessels, lifting tools, electrical and grounding measurements, controls of your installations, indoor environment measurements  in your business should be done periodically.

In addition, the necessary environmental measurements in terms of occupational safety in your business should be made at certain periods.

POLAR OSGB provides these technical measurements and controls and provides free consultancy services. All Technical measurements and controls required within the scope of the relevant business line of your business are carried out by accredited organizations in accordance with the conditions specified in the relevant legislation and the solution partner of POLAR OSGB.

Technical Measurement and Control Services;

  • Noise Measurement

  • Lighting (Luminous Intensity) Measurement

  • Thermal Comfort (Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow Rate) Measurement

  • Dust Measurement

  • Gas Measurement

  • Indoor VOC Measurement

  • Hand, Arm, Whole Body Vibration Measurement

Lifting Vehicles Periodic Test and Control Services;

  • Tower Crane Periodic Controls

  • Mobile Crane Periodic Controls

  • Roof Crane Periodic Checks

  • Forklift  Periodic Checks

  • Pallet Truck Periodic Controls

  • Freight Elevator Periodic Controls

  • Periodic Controls of Stackers


Pressure Vessels Periodic Test and Control Services;

  • Compressor Periodic Checks

  • Air Tank Periodic Checks

  • Hydrophore Periodic Controls

  • Periodic Controls of Steam and Heating Boilers

Electricity Measurement Services;

  • Electrical Installation Controls

  • Grounding Controls

  • Lightning Rod Controls

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