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  • Job security specialist

  • Occupational Physician

  • Other Health Personnel

  • Risk analysis

  • Contingency Plan

  • Basic Occupational Safety Training and Other Trainings

  • Periodic Checks

  • Ambient Measurements

  • Aircraft Control of Work Areas

Occupational Medicine Services


Occupational health and safety services are provided to the companies we work with within the scope of the Occupational Health and Safety Law and the Regulation on the Duties, Authorities, Responsibilities and Trainings of the Workplace Physician and other Health Personnel.

Health Examination Services


Health screening and examinations, which are mandatory during the recruitment and periodic examination process and requested by the workplace doctor, can be carried out by our solution partner laboratory, both within the boundaries of your workplace with mobile health services, or in the laboratory environment.

These analyzes and tests are delivered to your business after the expert doctor's opinions and comments.

Mobile Health Surveillance Services;

  • Lung X-ray,

  • Pulmonary function test,

  • Hearing test (audiometry),

  • Eye control,

  • porter scans,

  • Toxicology tests,

  • Liver function tests,

    • LOWER


    • GGT

    • ALP

  • kidney function tests

    • complete urinalysis

    • Urea

    • creatinine

    • Uric acid

  • Hematological tests

    • hemogram

    • Blood group

    • Blood sugar

    • HbA1c

  • blood fats

    • Cholesterol

    • triglyceride

    • HDL

    • VLDL

  • Serological tests

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